1. Counselling on career-oriented courses, education provider selection and finalization by certified Counsellors
  2. Securing of Offer Letter and Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)
  3. Support and guidance related to vetting and review of Statement of purpose (SoP); credible and comprehensive SoP is the essence of whole application process.
  4. Facilitate payment of tuition & visa fees and refund thereof, in case of visa refusal as per transparent refund policy.
  5. Facilitate personalize services and free photo copying and scanning of documents.
  6. Facilitate telephonic and Skype interviews by education providers taking into consideration students’ location and accessibility to internet/telephonic facilities.
  7. Filing of students, dependents and visitor visas.
  8. Pre-departure briefing meetings with students high lighting destination countries’ immigration laws, work rights, culture and sensitivities (Dos and Don’ts)  
  9. Support for accommodation arrangement and confirmation
  10. Airport pick up and transport arrangement
  11. Collection of passports from Embassies and delivery to students for non-electronic visa, on providing authorization by students concerned
  12. Mock Visa Interview-

Customized guidance to help students choose courses that match their career and personal goals. Help students choose right institutes best suited to their personal, academic and financial profiles and not limited to institutes represented by us.

Scholarship support services – Many universities / institutes and organizations extend scholarship support and funding in varying amounts. We shall be reminding potential students for such scholarships and their application deadlines

Visa Formalities– Our competent team will provide guidelines and prepare complete file to meet requirements of embassies/ High Commissions/ Immigration Departments of host countries to ensure hundred percent visa success.

Refund Policy– It is contingents upon student to read the refund policy of the university/ institute carefully before signing. In case of visa refusal, students are advised to send their refund request directly to the university/ institute using their same email ID. To expedite refund process, it is advisable to maintain the same bank account details and email ID. Visa refusal letter must be attached along with downloaded refunded form.

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